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Purchasing procedure

Please read carefully to understand purchasing options available.



Please note:

  • all prices below are introductory prices and they may change (increase) in the future without notification
  • shipping and applicable taxes are extra
  • free Demo version of the software is available for evaluation (click here to download demo version)


Basic product license cost: US$4,500.00 3,500.00 !!!

What you'll get for this money:

  1. Zip-file with archived installation distributive of LogWorksDesigner
  2. USB software protection key for fully functional LogWorksDesigner
  3. The right to use this software on one computer with accordance to the software license.
  4. Electronic copy of User Manual
  5. 0-48 hours e-mail technical support
  6. Free updates and new versions during 12 month period.

Packaging option: +US$250.00

What you'll get for this money:

  1. Basic product license
  2. Installation distributive of LogWorksDesigner on the DVD
  3. Hardcopy of User Manual
  4. Packaging (Cartboard box)
  5. Printed user manual
  6. Express delivery


Comparison table

Options Demo Basic Basic with packaging option
License cost Free US$ 3,500.00 US$ 3,750.00
Initial distributive Download Download on DVD
Usage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimitied
USB software protection No Yes Yes
Fully functional Yes
(requires internet connection
is off when our license server is off)
Yes Yes
Technical support Restricted, via e-mail Priority, via e-mail Priority, via e-mail
Response time 24-48h 0-48h 0-48h
User manual Electronic copy only Electronic copy only Electronic and printed copies
Delivery n/a Extra Express included


Ordering procedure

  1. Please contact Woodlandia via phone or email.
  2. You will receive invoice and payment instructions during 24-48 hours
  3. Software key will be sent to the buyer during 24 hours after full payment will be received
  4. You will be provided with contact name and phone number to truck your order

Payment methods


Cash, direct deposit, wire transfer

Returns, refunds and disclaimer


  • Please note that no returns on the software will be accepted and no refunds will be issued
  • If you are not sure if this software is for you, please download and evaluate demo version of the software
  • LogWorksDesigner is dynamically developed software product therefore User Manual may not always reflect latest software changes, the program may contain software bugs and the user must take full responsibility for usage of this software application on his/her computer
  • Please read carefully the license BEFORE you download or use the software. The license is here